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Chapter 1/Hobbes-Locke Quiz 1. Hobbes took his ideas about man in the fix of ecesis from his experience in the a. Outback of Australia b. English urbane War c. bound in North America d. nose candy years war 2. Hobbes believes that this form of organization would be better(p) a. Democracy b. Republic c. Monarchy d. None 3. What is the most important service of establishment activity activity correspond to Hobbes? a. Preservation of shoes b. Taxing the wealthy c. Elimination of the elite d. Peace/ policy-making Stability 4. Hobbes and Locke ar considered to be what kind of semi semipolitical theorists? a. evolutionary b. Force c. Divine Right d. Social Contract 5. Which political Philosopher said tha t life in a land of constitution is solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short. a. Locke b. Hobbes c. Rousseau d. Montesquieu 6. One of Lockes fundamental principles is: a. a major goal of government is the pursuit of happiness. b. governments are established to serve the elite. c. whole persons should be treated equ anyy by government. d. once established, governments cannot be dissolved. 7. In the state of spirit described by John Locke: a. on the whole persons are in a state of war with from individually one other. b. life is nasty, brutish, and short. c. liberty is denied to all but the strongest. d. all persons throw liberty. 8. The execution of the law of nature is, in the state of nature: a. in the hand of the executive. b. in the hands of the legislature. c. in the ha! nds of the judiciary. d. in every persons hands. 9. Persons enter into political conjunction and government because: a. they seek a higher authority to...If you essential to restore a full essay, order it on our website:

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